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Fasting; Molecular Mechanisms & its Clinical Applications
Fasting; Molecular Mechanisms & its Clinical Applications

Fasting; Molecular Mechanisms & its Clinical Applications

The first International online conference on Fasting; Molecular Mechanisms & clinical applications

This conference is tailored for Naturopathy  (BNYS) practitioners, students, other systems of medicine (AYUSH) professional, students, and even for interested public to explore the scientific aspects of Fasting. Leading researchers in the field will present a series of lectures on immunology, calorie restriction, cellular mechanisms during fasting and its clinical applications. 


Dr. Raghvendra Rao PhD

Director, CCRYN (Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy)

Ministry of AYUSH, GOI

Topic: Fasting and Immunity, Basis and Evidence


Dr. Vimal Karani

Former Associate Professor

Nutrigenomics, Nutrigenetics

University of Reading UK

Topic: Nutrigenetic approaches for Obesity research - a focus on Caloric Restriction


Dr. Raghuram Swaminathan Ph.D

Molecular Biologist  

Scientific Adviser-Alpha Natural, Sirsi.


1. Detoxification Process inside a cell during Fasting

2. Intracellular Metabolic Pathway during Infection & Inflammation

3. Molecular basis of Tridosha


Dr. Praveen Jacob

Adj. Prof. NITTE University, Mangalore

Consultant in SDM Ayurveda Medical College, Bengaluru 

Topic: Molecular Mechanisms of Plaque formation  & Plaque regression by Autophagy (Autophagy: The Aghoris of Arterial Plaque)



Dr. Manu Pradeesh Jacob

Consultant Physician-DYAAN Clinic of Natural Medicine

Kannur, Kerala.

Topic: Fasting & Calorie restriction in treatment of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis- A case presentation


Dr. Jenny Kalathil

Consultant Physician (CCRYN)

CMO- Jeevanam Natural Hygiene Centre, Thrissur

Topic: Reversing Liver cirrhosis through Fasting - A case presentation


Dr. Abhishek Devikar

Medical Director- Nisargopchar Ashram, Pune 

President - INYGMA – Maharashtra

Topic: Fasting an Integral Clinical Tool: A Scientific Approach


Dr. P. Saranyan

Medical Superintendent

RK Nature Cure Home, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu

Topic: Therapeutic Fasting - a game changer in Clinical Practice

Dr. Venkatramana Hegde

Consultant Physician.

Veda Wellness Center, Sirsi, Karnataka 

Topic: Clinical Implication of Fasting Therapy- Clinical Case series of Skin diseases

Dr Vishnu Satheesh

Consultant physician

Atmantan wellness centre Pune

Topic: Cardiovascular management and plaque reversal approach through fasting and high fat diet - Case presentation



Dr. Rita M. D'Souza E Vaz

Consultant Naturopath

Lifestyle OPD

Hospicio District Hospital, Margao, Goa

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